At KW Training, we specialise in personal, quality-driven training, equipping all our students to achieve the qualifications they need to succeed in the health and social care sector, and backing them up with real experience and real expertise along the way. When it comes to our health and social care training, we don’t simply push our students through a course to get them a passing grade and the right piece of paper. Our staff, training in health and social care, focus on the individual needs of the people we teach to ensure that they are properly equipped with the knowledge and the knowhow that they need before we make our assessments. Our assessments are all tailored to the strengths and weaknesses of our students, so you know that, when you qualify with us, you’re coming away with real knowledge, truly ready for your career ahead.





Our process is always tailored to you and your needs, but all our courses pass by some basic waypoints before you start your journey. Here’s a rudimentary breakdown:


Enrol on your health and social care training course of choice by getting in touch with us through our contact form, signing up and booking in.

Advice and Guidance

We always take new students through an advice and guidance interview, ensuring that we both know that the course you’re looking at is the right one for you – we won’t set you up to fail!

What Suits You?

We work with you to find out the methods of learning that suit you best. When it comes to written tasks and assessments, we want to find out what meets your needs.

Get Your Qualification

With all that said and done, we can get to the real reason you’re with us – the course! Begin to build your electronic portfolio, passing certificates until you’re a qualified health and social care professional.





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